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How often do we buy an item of clothing that we are not 100% sure about? Maybe a forceful salesperson talked us into it? Maybe we needed an outfit for an occasion in a hurry?  Maybe we have lost/gained weight and just need something that fits!  Maybe we’ve seen a new trend in a magazine and we want to try it out? However an item of clothing arrives in our (already full) wardrobe, why, oh why, do we often find that WE STILL HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!??

A Postie Pop-Up Stylist is trained to help her clients make the right choices so that this age-old problem stops happening. 

She’ll always consider her clients’ individual and personal style which is easy because Postie garments are so distinct and every season there are so many new arrivals to choose from.  With prints, plains, loose fitting, formal, tailored, casual, smart, conservative, cool and every style in between, everyone can find something to love.  Postie customers’ taste can always be catered for and most importantly, the Stylist will ensure the fit is right too.  Part of her job is to get to know body shapes. You can trust her to know her collection and what suits and enhances all types.

She’ll familiarise herself with the needs and likes of her clients and let them know when a special garment arrives that she thinks they’ll love.

It’s the very definition of personal shopping.  

The social shopping experience of a Postie Pop-Up Boutique means being relaxed in the company of like-minded friends, family and neighbours.  The atmosphere is always fun and sociable with professional, friendly advice at hand. Good decisions are made when there is no pressure, just a desire to make inspired and exciting clothing choices!

Everyone grows confident in a Postie Pop-Up Boutique. Our Stylist love helping and our customers equally love the honest assistance they receive. This fact is at the heart of the Postie Pop-Up Boutiques’ success.  Together, we can change the expression from, “I’ve got nothing to wear,” to “I’ve got too many gorgeous things to choose from!”

Til next time, Kristina xx 

PS Take a sneak peak at our new Summer Wardrobe Refresh brochure. Some great new items that would make perfect Xmas gifts!

 Summer Wardrobe Refresh

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