• 2016 has been a great year for Postie.  The months have flown by and we’ve had some exciting developments especially with the launch of Postie Pop-Up Boutiques, our new branding and expansion of social media.

    So, onward and upward, let’s talk about Christmas and this years’ coming party season. We’re so proud and thrilled to have recently released a new, Summer Wardrobe Refresh Catalogue to compliment our core seasonal collection. You might remember that we travelled to New York in October when, just by sheer luck, New York Fashion Week was in full flow!  Besides being inspired by the shops and magazines, it was the women in the street who filled me with the most creativeness! They are so inspiring and I’m happy to report that some of the basic ‘rules’ of Postie are alive and well in the USA. Layering is everywhere, beautiful prints are a must have, wraps are thrown over shoulders and anything goes when it comes to mix ‘n’ matching! Women are so beautiful in all sizes and shapes, so I feel Postie are getting it right for every one of you to wear what you wear with pride.

    Back to our latest brochure - filled with festive fashion that goes from whimsical lace to gorgeous embroidery, ruffles, beads, exclusive prints, asymmetrical layers and so much more.  Postie lovers will float confidently through all Summer occasions from simple barbecues to a tasteful Christmas Day and joyful New Years Eve in wraps, skirts, kaftans, blouses, jackets, tanks, scarves and dresses. There’s no better feeling than knowing you can just reach into your wardrobe and grab an appropriate outfit that fits like a dream and makes you feel like a million dollars!

    (I’m personally very happy to be the proud owner of two really elegant kaftans that I know will see me through all those balmy nights, days at the beach and casual family events.) You’ll see  some lovely little dresses too that are so easy to throw on for the weekend and also translate smartly for work and more formal events.

    So, go get a little something for Christmas Day and love yourself, your Postie girls and your families!

    Kristina x  


  • Shop with Postie and you’ll always have something to wear.

    How often do we buy an item of clothing that we are not 100% sure about? Maybe a forceful salesperson talked us into it? Maybe we needed an outfit for an occasion in a hurry?  Maybe we have lost/gained weight and just need something that fits!  Maybe we’ve seen a new trend in a magazine and we want to try it out? However an item of clothing arrives in our (already full) wardrobe, why, oh why, do we often find that WE STILL HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR!??

    A Postie Pop-Up Stylist is trained to help her clients make the right choices so that this age-old problem stops happening. 

    She’ll always consider her clients’ individual and personal style which is easy because Postie garments are so distinct and every season there are so many new arrivals to choose from.  With prints, plains, loose fitting, formal, tailored, casual, smart, conservative, cool and every style in between, everyone can find something to love.  Postie customers’ taste can always be catered for and most importantly, the Stylist will ensure the fit is right too.  Part of her job is to get to know body shapes. You can trust her to know her collection and what suits and enhances all types.

    She’ll familiarise herself with the needs and likes of her clients and let them know when a special garment arrives that she thinks they’ll love.

    It’s the very definition of personal shopping.  

    The social shopping experience of a Postie Pop-Up Boutique means being relaxed in the company of like-minded friends, family and neighbours.  The atmosphere is always fun and sociable with professional, friendly advice at hand. Good decisions are made when there is no pressure, just a desire to make inspired and exciting clothing choices!

    Everyone grows confident in a Postie Pop-Up Boutique. Our Stylist love helping and our customers equally love the honest assistance they receive. This fact is at the heart of the Postie Pop-Up Boutiques’ success.  Together, we can change the expression from, “I’ve got nothing to wear,” to “I’ve got too many gorgeous things to choose from!”

    Til next time, Kristina xx 

    PS Take a sneak peak at our new Summer Wardrobe Refresh brochure. Some great new items that would make perfect Xmas gifts!

     Summer Wardrobe Refresh



    Behind the Scenes: Spring Summer Collection 2016

    The Postie catalogue shoot preparation starts months before the day. It’s a full on, hands on, all day commitment from the whole team but all the planning makes shoot day happen smoothly (most of the time!). 

    By the time our models are staring into the photographer’s lens, we’ve travelled the world, gathered new design ideas, commissioned artists, selected dyes, printed fabrics, booked the seamstresses, tested styles and finally made our samples.

    Oh yes, we have to book our models and location too.  So the exciting conclusion of everything is hair and make-up, lights, camera, action! The sensational result is our gorgeous seasonal catalogue. 

    I actually love the shoot, it's a day of dressing up, experimenting with accessories, mucking around, chatting with our fun models and getting these excellent shots that you see before you right now! 

    Spring Summer Collection 2016

    And we’ll be doing it all again next season. 

    Kristina x

  • Most women can sail through life never having to speak publicly. 

    We are rarely asked to make a speech at weddings, funerals or twenty firsts in an official capacity, rather, we will volunteer that we have something we’d like to say and it's always welcome. 

    As was eloquently expressed at a recent Postie Manager’s Conference, one woman described how she spent an hour dry-reaching and shaking with fear whilst locked in her own bathroom because she had been given the heads-up by her Stylist that she might be required to state her name and say a ‘little bit about herself’ at her first Postie Pop-Up Boutique which she was hosting!   Wow, she saw that as public speaking!  (In her own home, addressing 15 friends and family for two minutes)!  It was such a frank and heartfelt admission but somewhere inside us all we mentally nodded as we empathised with her ‘fear of public speaking’.  What irony, what a turn around as this very woman some ten years on, dragged up the memory and shared it confidently and movingly, with a room full of a room full of hundreds of dynamic postie managers and stylists at the annual conference. She’d clearly overcome the fear, risen well above it and rode it into the sunset!   She went on to tell us that her desire to become a Stylist, to meet people and to make her own financial decisions, overrode her dread of being ‘noticed’. 

    After her stint as a Host, she became a Stylist, a very successful one.  In order to succeed, she became organised, she watched her Manager, she asked questions, she learned ‘tricks of the trade’ by dropping in on her friend’s Pop-Ups, she planned and booked forward each month and more.  And as her Pop-Up Boutique business grew, so did her bank balance, so did her friendship circle and so did her confidence.  And that became a circle of success.  Empowerment is a word that’s bandied around.  But in the case of owning a thriving Postie business, the word ‘empowered’ is 100% valid.

    Having choice is the defining difference between being successful or unsuccessful and that’s absolutely empowering.  And if you put in the hours and the strategy and simply, the hard work, CHOICE will come.  Choose where to take your family on holiday, what car to drive, what restaurant to dine in, where to live, what school to send your kids to.

    And when you overcome the lack of confidence that can creep up on even a high powered business woman who may have been out of the workforce for a couple of years or a new mum who yearns for life outside her family demands or someone who has never earned a university degree or even finished high school, anything is possible.

    Our confident, inspiring, bubbling and funny presenter who used to be afraid of introducing herself, introduced us to herself now and told her  story with such cheeky candor.  She is living proof that if you stick your head out and stick your hand up to become a Pop-Up Boutique Stylist or indeed anything you want to be, you can actually be it.  The old saying, ‘fake it until you make it’ is right. 

    Because you can do anything you desire if you get stuck into it and Postie is the perfect place to start.

    Kristina x 

    Kristina Wilson-McGregor

  • Hi everyone.

    I’m positively delighted to announce the launch of the evolution of Postie -  the Pop-Up Boutique.

    I‘m sure that for all women, including our existing team, who want a revitalised career path, this will be the magic you’ve been looking for.

    Your passport to a prosperous profession in Social Selling and Shopping.

    As long as women love to shop, socialise and shape their own future and profession, there’s a place for a Postie Pop-Up Boutique.

    We believe today’s smart Postie customers want a quick, friendly place to shop where there’s useful advice and insightful recommendations from professional Stylists. We want the world to know that every guest at a Pop-Up Boutique will find not only high quality garments but also something exceptional to love.  It’s not just a shop, it’s a Boutique where a unique range of sizes, styles and stunning fabrics arrive every season.  Besides the fashion, it’s more fun to shop with friends and you have to be in the know to be invited!

    Be a Social Seller… (a Pop-Up Boutique Stylist).

    A sociable nature and a flair for fashion are job descriptions we can all relate to. Our most successful Stylists have an ability to form lasting ties with their Hosts, team members and customers. These business partnerships are pivotal to fulfilling dreams of financial independence.  A life in the fashion fast-lane, true friendships and freedom to work your own hours are other pure positives of life as a Postie Stylist.

    The perks of running a Pop-Up.

    Our Stylists are guided by their Managers and support networks. We offer solid training plus printed and online marketing tools that keep everyone connected, well informed and supported.

    Get started with Styling for only $399.

    Stylists show garments from the latest season’s collection and can purchase a sample range worth $2400 for only $399.

    The range is ever-evolving with gorgeous collections added throughout the year, ensuring every Pop-Up Boutique is fresh and exciting.

    The Postie Pop-Up Boutique Host.

    As the Host of a Pop-Up Boutique, you provide your lounge or family room as a space where your Stylist will simply pop in and pop up her ‘Boutique’. Your guests can be anyone in your social circle who you believe would love to pop in and peruse a beautiful, seasonal collection of ready-to-wear fashion.  Trying on garments, selecting from the catalogue and ordering whatever you like comes with a fun, social fashion show and your own personal Postie stylist.

    The Host with the most. 

    When you host a Pop-Up Boutique you’ll receive an exciting gift of free garments and, depending on your Pop-Up Boutique sales, even more generous rewards will come your way. 

    If you think Postie sounds like your kind of happy place, call us on, (03) 9457 4577 or to find out more about the Postie Pop-Up Boutique experience. We'd love to hear from you. 

    A final word from Kristina.

    I love the fact that Postie has been empowering women to follow their dreams for nearly 30 years! Its truly unbelievable how many lives we’ve touched in such a positive way.  I’m really excited about the future of our Pop-Up Boutiques and I know the changes we’re making now will entice a wave of fresh faces and new energy. Our network is growing every day and our database is full of expectant and energetic women who really want to give Postie a go!  I say come in and we’ll welcome you with open arms!

    Go girls, love Kristina x

    Kristina Wilson-McGregor

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