A Guide to Taking Care of Your Knitwear

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During the colder months, there’s nothing quite as comforting as snuggling up in your favourite by WILLA knitwear pieces. Whether it’s a cable knit jumper a sweater or a comfy cardigan, knitwear offers warmth and style in equal measure. However, caring for these delicate and intricate garments requires some special attention.

In this Style File, we’ll explore the essential tips
and tricks for maintaining and preserving
your beloved knitwear, ensuring it stays
beautiful and cosy for years to come.

1. Washing

Wash your knitwear by hand with cool water or on a cool gentle cycle in your washing machine with like colours. Avoid harsh detergents, bleach, and stain removers. Instead, opt for an eco-friendly wool wash to maintain the colour and beauty of your pieces.


2. Drying

If hand washing soak for 5-10 minutes & rinse thoroughly, to get rid of excess water roll your knit in a clean towel and gently press to absorb the water. Gently pull to shape and dry flat. Do not wring.


3. Storage

To protect your knits, proper storage is crucial for maintaining the longevity of your knitwear. Before storing, ensure your garments are completely dry to prevent the growth of mould or mildew. Fold your knitwear rather than hang it, as hanging can stretch the fibres over time. Opt for breathable storage solutions like cotton or linen garment bags or plastic storage containers with ventilation to prevent moisture build-up.

4. Avoiding Pilling and Snags

Pilling, the formation of small balls of fibre on the surface of a garment, is a common and natural part with knitwear. To minimize pilling, turn your garment inside out before washing and avoid wearing it with rough or abrasive materials like Velcro or jewellery.

Additionally, you can use a fabric shaver or depiller to lightly remove any pills that do form. For snags or loose threads, use a crochet hook or a blunt needle to pull the snag through to the inside of the garment and secure it by weaving it into the surrounding stitches.

 With the right approach, you can preserve the beauty and longevity of these cosy garments.

5. Regular Maintenance

To keep your knitwear looking its best, give it regular care and attention. Brushing your knitwear with a lint roller will help remove any surface debris or lint. Be mindful of jewellery and sharp objects that can catch on your knits and cause damage. It’s also a good practice to rotate your knitwear pieces, allowing them to rest and recover between wears, which can help prevent stretching or distortion.


Taking care of your knitwear doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With the right approach, you can preserve the beauty and longevity of these cosy garments. By following the tips outlined in this guide, from gentle handwashing to proper storage, you’ll be able to enjoy the warmth and style of your knitwear for years to come. Embrace the comfort and timeless appeal of your knits, and let them be a cherished part of your wardrobe season after season.


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