Bon voyage in Style

the style file

Weather you’re a seasoned traveller or planning a dream holiday, a curated capsule of versatile clothing will make any journey easier, lighter and always stylish.


View Kristina’s video of her ten day journey’s worth of by WILLA outfits for a late summer inspiration trip to NYC & LA.

Knowing the weather might change to cooler, she popped in (as always) a scarf, the big, lightweight Running Wild.  If you take nothing else, always take a scarf or two, for the plane, for sun protection, for warmth and to cover the shoulders when needed.

Kristina uses the by WILLA tote as her carry-on bag as it is so light and durable (and doubles as a beach or shopping bag at the other end!!).  Just as important as when you’re off the plane is what you wear in flight.


This trip, Kristina chose the comfy Like a Dream Joggers in stretchy coated denim and the delicately textured Heaven Sent Knit to strike a perfect balance of coolness and style.


Both pieces are soft to wear and are perfect for snuggling down in style on a long flight.

 Look and feel your best when travelling in style.

The weather stayed hot in NYC, so the easy-wear Evermore Shirt & Top, Carefree Tank, Bliss Skirt, Hayven Blouse & Skirt, Effortless Top and Slouch Shorts were co-ordinated daily, to perfection.


Simplicity is the key.  By choosing a few timeless, mix and matchable by WILLA pieces, you’ll only pack what you know you’ll wear.


And fewer clothes doesn’t mean fewer outfit options, in fact, a well-planned travel capsule ensures a fresh and stylish look every day of your trip.

Just a tip, remember to check the weather at your destination and pop an outfit (in your by WILLA in-flight bag) to dress for the weather at the other end!

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