Jacki O’Dwyer

My name is Jacki O’Dwyer, I have been with Postie & by WILLA since 2002, and it was only meant to be a short stint in direct selling when I joined, but it became a bit too much fun. My two children at the time were 7and 6, so a career with Postie was the perfect fit for my family and I.   I was able to be there for my husband and children for all the important things, going away on holidays and just being the Mum that I wanted to be.

My family has supported my business and could see the direction I was heading in, so they came along for the ride and it’s been fabulous for all of us.

The best part about my job is it’s a wonderful way to create relationships and to be able to update and style my clients with the latest fashion trends.

Having presented Pop-up’s in many homes and now being able to shop online when one can’t make it to a home popup boutique, Postie makes your styling needs achievable take a look at my very own website page, remember I’m only a phone call away if you should need any advice.

I love being part of the Postie establishment, we are now 31 years old and to survive in Australia for such an incredible period of time makes me proud to be part of Postie.

I am supported by very helpful team in head office who do all the back ground work to free me up to do what I love “PARTY WHILE I WORK”.

Fashion is forever changing, as are we.

Fun, Fashion and Friendships.

Your fashion stylist

Jacki O x