Lisa Carnell

My journey and love of fashion and styling started as a young girl working in retail fashion stores in Adelaide some 30 years ago,(but who’s counting).

Since moving to Melbourne 23 years ago I married and had 2 beautiful sons now 22 and 20. As a mum with little children back then and a husband who was a shift worker it was difficult to find a job that was flexible, so lucky for me, a neighbour invited me to a ‘Postie Pop-Up’.

This was about 14 years ago. I knew back then that if I made it work, I’d be in the world of fashion which is so exciting and always changing! I’d also take control of my future and be my own boss. There are so many benefits for me especially the flexibility to travel as often as I like. I often say to young people that if only I’d known about Postie earlier, I would have jumped at the chance.

I have a great ‘job’ from personal styling to organising styling events, Pop-Up shops in ladies homes or public venues, planning fashion parades and fundraising events. Another terrific part is styling and getting to know so many ladies all over Victoria. I really love it. The personal reward though is when I see the transformation of someone when they are wearing what they know is right for them and they know they look great. This for me is priceless.

What I believe is that “Every Person Deserves To Look And Feel Fabulous Inside And Out, Everyday”-
Please call me anytime to arrange a Pop-Up or order from my personal website.

Lisa Carnell