Michelle Wood

Hello, my name is Michelle,


My story as a Postie Stylist began in 2005 and I’ve loved every Postie-ing moment!


I have a caring husband, Woodsy, a wonderful son Peter, a boisterous dog Bandit and a princess cat Serini.

I live in a small town of Grantham, a rural community in the Lockyer Valley, Queensland.

I enjoy walking our dog and attending a weekly boot camp to keep fit.

I am many things, a Postie Stylist, a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, an aunty, and a devoted friend.

I am a woman who loves clothes, shoes, handbags, and any form of accessory.

I am constantly shopping for new looks, styles, colours and fashion trends.

I am always excited when throwing a “Pop-Up Boutique”.


Let’s face it, we all live busy lives. The idea of getting the girlfriends, family, work colleagues or even the women in your street, together for a fashion show is spectacular!


I get so much joy when showing and sharing the Postie range. Knowing the clothes will fit well and that they are current fashion trends, takes stress away.


The smiles from Postie ladies when enjoying the Postie Pop-Up Boutique, makes my job worthwhile.


During the Pop-Up Boutique’s we create fun times, new fashion looks, and the love of the brand grows.


Hostess awards are just an added bonus! (ask me for more information on how to receive these Postie-licious deals).


If you love the sound of Postie, I’d love to throw a “Postie Pop-Up” for you or help you begin your own “Postie Stylist” life!


If you cannot make it to one of my Postie Pop-ups I am so excited that now you can order any garment you wish from my very own website!  I am just a phone call away should you need any advice.