Robyn Kay

When I was invited to my first Postie party in 1995 I had no idea that my life was about to change in the most positive way.  Inspired by the ease with which the “Postie Lady” presented the collection and impressed by the clothes, I decided to join.


It’s been a career characterised by fun, fashion and friendship, a career which has seen me enjoy countless rewards for my achievements and which has allowed me the flexibility to be my own woman, run my own business and make my own decisions.


The biggest buzz comes from being able to offer the most fantastic rewards to each of my wonderful hosts. How very special it is to have enjoyed a career which not only makes me feel wonderful but which achieves that by helping other ladies also to feel wonderful, confident, gorgeous and so many other superlatives.


I’m delighted that the entire Collection can now be purchased on-line through my webpage.  Nothing will replace the chance to see and feel the fabrics as well as the fun and social aspect of the Pop-up.  But if you’re between Pop-ups, or can’t sleep at 3am and you’re in a shopping mood, then Postie on-line is for you.


If you love fashion and people, talk to me about joining the Postie family.  Or I’ll be pleased to bring my Postie Pop-up Boutique to your lounge-room for the enjoyment of you and your friends. So give me a call or contact me through my website.


Robyn x