Sarah Pasznicki

In 2014 all my children were in full time school and I felt I needed something for me. Something to inspire me, make me feel like a woman, allow me some “me” time away from the everyday household and mum duties and of course something that could earn me a great income with part time hours. So I joined up as a Postie Stylist and haven’t looked back!


The financial gain is of course an amazing incentive to join up but there is so much more to this career than I ever imagined. I have my very own team of girls who I work very closely with to ensure they are keeping on track to reach all the goals they have set for themselves. It has given me a confidence I never knew I had inside. It lets me be me. I get to enjoy the latest fashion trends and show them to my wonderful customers in the comfort of their very own homes. I get to help make woman feel beautiful. It feels amazing to be able to do that!


Most of all, I can do all of this without impacting my family life. I work when it suits me, my husband and our four children. My business has grown from strength to strength without having to commit to a 9 to 5 role. I am my own boss and I love it! Let me show you how you can have all this too! One decision can change the rest of your life!


I would love to show you and your girlfriends the latest fashion in the comfort of your very own home or you can order from my personal Stylist website. So contact me now and let’s make it a date.  Sarah xx