What to wear on the plane

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Flying in style is achievable without sacrificing comfort. Choose clothing that feels like a soft embrace, ensuring you feel cosy even while soaring through the clouds.

On my recent trip to LA, I packed our Like a Dream Joggers, Heaven Sent Knit, Traveller Wrap & Take 5 Denim
Jacket—perfect choices for feeling incredibly comfy. These pieces are super soft, stretchy, and stylish,
elevating your look beyond a basic tracksuit.

Choose clothing that feels like a warm embrace.

Additionally, consider these tips for a comfy flight:


Choose soft, breathable fabrics like cotton or bamboo.

Layer up for temperature variations in the airplane cabin.

Opt for versatile pieces that transition from day to night.

Wear slip-on shoes and compression socks for comfort.

Avoid tight-fitting clothing and bulky accessories.

Bring a lightweight wrap (like our Traveller wrap) for added warmth and versatility (It can also double up as a pillow!)


It’s also essential to have weather-appropriate landing gear handy. While I didn’t bump into Brad Pitt at the LA airport (though I wish I did!), I was prepared just in case. Check out my recent video for more insights into my travel wardrobe.

Great garments to travel with…

It’s always a good idea to travel with a denim jacket.  It’s comfortable and versatile, pairing well with any outfit.